The SGPC is highly involved with the use of the Forest Service Stewardship Authority for both Integrated Resource Contract projects that utilize Stewardship Contracting and for standalone Stewardship Service Contracts. Stewardship contracting helps achieve land management goals while meeting local and rural community needs, including contributing to the sustainability of rural communities and providing a continuing source of local income and employment. It focuses on the “end result” ecosystem benefits and outcomes, rather than on what’s removed from the land. 

Stewardship timber sales differ from traditional timber sales in a number of ways including that they allow for the trade of goods for services. When the value of the goods is greater than the costs of the services, then revenue  is kept in a Retained Receipt account that funds on the ground restoration work within the stewardship project area.  

The Forest Service has produced a concise pamphlet on Stewardship Contracting that is available by clicking the image to the right.To learn more about Stewardship Contracting and restoration projects funded through Retained Receipts on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest visit the GPNF Stewardship Contracting and Retained Receipts page.

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